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Our History

Unified Contractors of Kansas City was formed in early 2022 and quickly became the most effective organization to address diversity and equality in the construction industry. Unified Contractors was created by the merging of  two of the most respected and longstanding service organizations in our area, Minority Contractors Association (MCA) and Kansas City Hispanic Contractors Enterprise (KHACE).

Unified Contractor's executive staff possess many years of experience in all faucets of the construction industry. Our staff holds seats on Kansas City's Fairness in Construction Board and Kansas City's Labor Workforce Board. We work closely with the City's Office of Civil Rights and Equality (CREO) for opportunities through the minority and women owned business's program. In addition we monitor those
projects that include citizen tax incentive dollars through this area's Economic Development Agencies. Just as importantly we work together with trade organizations, developers, general contractors, corporations and others to find ways to move the industry forward.

The creation of Unified Contractors of Kansas City marks a significant effort to move our development and construction community forward together. Our pledge is to continue to lead by example by working with a most collaborative effort. Plainly stated we are stronger together.

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